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For over 20 years, europlac produces high-quality precious wood materials for the furniture and interior design. Ongoing investments in the machinery, external monitoring of many products as well as constant certifications guarantee the products of the best quality.

We distinguish ourselves additionally by a short delivery time, a broad product portfolio and the excellent customer service. They make europlac predictable and reliable partner.

Noble wood grades

Crown cut

All veneers are crown grade. Either natural or spliced crown cuts are possible.

Half-crown cut

Usually a spliced crown cut, obtained by splicing almost straight-grained veneers.

Straight-grained / rift cut

All veneers are straight-grained or rift grade.

Noble wood processing

Book matched

Our veneers are ormally "book matched", in other words there a "right" side and a "left" side, which is always alternate like the pages of a book and create a symmetrical pattern.

Slip matched

Veneers can also be "slip matched", in other words the same side is always "on top", creating a uniform pattern that is pleasing to the eye when the panels are stained. Rift veneers or veneers with an attractive, natural crown cut are suitable for slip matching.

Tongue and groove

Small veneer planks with a minimum width of 20 mm are matched according to your specification. Wild bond or English bond as well as exclusive patterns like chevron, mosaic, diagonal, or end-grain are possible.

SCRATCH technic

The veneer sheets are manually laid on the core board leaving an open groove. The coloured base panel surface is visible through the grooves. All product variants in antique wood species can be offered with natural wane.

Random matched

Veneers from at least six different bundles are matched in a random sequence. This produces a wood plank effect similar to that of glued solid wood. Some wood species are additionally treated with sap to emphasize the natural look. MIXED: Random matched 8-15 cm, 8-10 Pac. 2/3 crown cut 1/3 str. light figured.

Random matched

SMOOTH: Random matched 8-15 cm, 8-10 Pac., str. light figured.

Random matched

NATUR: Random matched 8-15 cm, 8-10 Pac. 2/3 str. light figured, 1/3 crown cut

Woodstripe Technic

Noblewood sheets of narrow slats with a width of approx. 25 mm are joined together to noblewood deck.

Noble wood qualities

First Quality

High face quality; between 2 and 6 boards match, depending on the wood species.

A/B quality

Good standard quality for a wide range of applications.

Pattern matching

Up to 20 boards match, depending on the wood species. The high-quality veneers usually have a patterned structure.

All the grades and matching sequences described here can be applied to one or both sides of the panels. The "back" is available in "B", "C" or "blind balancer" quality.

General recommendation:

For all large premises, we recommend a personal visit to europlac, to allow us to assist you in choosing the right veneers. We'll do our very best to help you find the optimal solution, whatever the nature of your requirements!


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Back for furniture making and interior architectural woodwork. Best quality, short and reliable delivery times, an extensive range of products and excellent customer service.

Sales & Consulting

Narzissenstraße 5
88069 Tettnang (Germany)

Phone: +49 (0) 75 42 - 93 66 0
Fax: +49 (0) 75 42 - 93 66 60

e-mail: info@europlac.com

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